What is Fibromyalgia?


Many of us have heard of fibromyalgia, but we don’t know exactly what it is. This post will give you an overview of everything fibro!

What is it?

Fibromyalgia is characterized by widespread chronic pain, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. It also has a very high rate of co-morbidity (having more than one illness or condition at a time). The most common conditions that accompany fibromyalgia are irritable bowel syndrome, headaches/migraines, temporomandibular joint disorders, and bladder issues. No fun at all!

I definitely experience the pain, fatigue, and cognitive difficulties. It honestly makes me feel a little bit crazy, especially because I’ve been sharp as a tack all my life. I also deal with digestive issues and headaches.


There is no known cause for fibromyalgia. However, there are many hypotheses and correlations. Some of these include genetics, previous infections, and physical or emotional trauma. The amount of people who have depression and anxiety with fibromyalgia is outstanding. And hey, that’s me!

Along with possible causes, there are a few risk factors that make someone more prone to having fibromyalgia: gender, family history, and existing conditions.

  • Females have a much higher likelihood of being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. About 80% of people who have fibromyalgia are women!
  • It is possible that you are more likely to develop fibromyalgia if someone else in your family has it. My mom and one cousin has it, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise when I was diagnosed.


There is no cure for fibromyalgia. This can seem a little doom and gloom, but I am learning how empower myself with that fact. Treatment is almost purely self-care and this is something that I want to teach you to do!

Here are some different ways to take good care of yourself with fibromyalgia:

  • Antidepressants (prescribed by your doctor, of course)
  • Pain relievers
  • Stress relief
  • Counseling (this one has been huge for me)
  • Sleep!
  • Exercise
  • A healthy diet
  • Don’t overdo it

I swear by these methods, but I am still working on them! There is always room for improvement. What kinds of things do you do to keep yourself happy and healthy? I would love to know what works for you! Leave your comments below.