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Review: Slay Your Goals Planner

Guys, I have the amazing opportunity to review this planner made by It’s All You Boo. You’re going to LOVE it! Do you have goals that you’re not quite sure how to achieve? Are you someone who loves and needs to see things written out in order to understand it? Then sit tight, because this is the planner for you!

I got a download of the planner to review and it is amazing. It is so detailed and has so many sections – you will never have to ask “what next?”! This planner is 60+ pages of pure organizational and goal-slaying magic.

The Sections

1. Set Your Intention

In this section you decide what you want to do and why. It takes you through what you want your life to be like and has you write a letter of intention. It helps you to start narrowing down large goals to something specific that you can actually measure!

2. Choose Your #1 Goal

I love this section. Part of my problem with goal setting has been picking exactly one thing that I want to work on. In this section you will list a bunch of goals you have and eventually narrow it down to the #1 goal you want to achieve.

Have you heard of “SMART” goals? The Slay Your Goals planner follows this outline! It is an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Your goal needs to be all 5! The planner helps you determine whether the #1 goal you’ve selected is SMART. On top of this, there is a section to make sure your goals are “RIGHT:” resolve, intuitive, genuine, hopeful, and transformative.

I love this extensions of SMART goals; it goes a lot deeper and encourages introspection about your hopes and goals.

3. Select 4 “Mini” Goals

There are so many flow charts in this section, I love it! I feel like I’ve been saying how much I love this planner a lot, but it’s okay because it’s true each time! I feel very strongly that you can’t just have one major goal when goal setting. You have to have, as the planner puts it, “mini goals.”

4. Plan Your Year

This section is HUGE, both in importance and size! I love planning ahead, so when I can do it a year out from now, I love it. There are tons of calendar layouts with different purposes to get you going with goal planning for the next year.

5. Crush Your To-Dos

This section takes you from the large scale of the year down a bit into quarterly, monthly, weekly, AND daily goals and to-dos! I am a huge fan of the classic to-do list and the Slay Your Goals planner amps it up.

It lets you prioritize your to-dos. It is so easy to get caught up in the menial tasks of the day that all of a sudden you’ve forgotten to do the most important one!

There are tons of different layouts for this section, so you can use all of them or pick what works best for you!

6. Review Your Goals

Reflection is one of the most important aspects of goal setting. Did you reach your goal? What is setting you back? What works for you? What doesn’t work for you? This section of the planner gives you all the tools you need to completely review you goal including journal and reflection pages. It asks specific questions to get you thinking and really introspecting.

Overall Features


There are quotes at the bottoms of the pages to keep you motivated and inspired! This is awesome – I think quotes are very powerful and can help you keep pushing when you feel like giving up.


This may seem like a silly one at first, but I love the colors used in the Slay Your Goals planner! You can see from the pictures above that it is a teal color – one of my favorites! I also feel like it is a calming color; calm is definitely something I need while planning out my future!

It’s A Printable

Yes! This is possibly the best feature; you purchase it and bam! You print it off and you’re good to go; no waiting for your planner in the mail.

What Are You Waiting For?!

Get YOUR Slay Your Goals planner from It’s All You Boo by clicking here!



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